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    ABOCA Immunomix Plus Syrup

    ImmunoMix plus syrup is useful to assist the natural defenses and to the need, to facilitate the recovery of the organism thanks, in particular, to the anthocyanins of the concentrated juice of the fruits of Sambuco. Elderberry juice and honey give the product a pleasant taste that makes it ideal for children to take it.

    18,80 €  
    ABOCA Immunomix Plus Capsules

    Complete formulation of Aboca research, useful to promote the natural defenses and recovery of the organism, thanks to the freeze-dried extract of Echinacea (Echina2-LMF), to the freeze-dried juice of Sambuco and to the total concentrate of Uncaria.

    20,80 €  
    ABOCA Echinacea

    Echinacea Total ConcentrateUseful for the body's natural defenses and for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract.

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    BE-TOTAL Immuno Plus

    Support for the immune system Food supplement of Vitamins B with Zinc, Echinacea and Acerola, which support the immune system. With sugars and sweetener.

    16,10 €  

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