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  • AFTIR no lice comb
    AFTIR no lice comb

    Fine-toothed stainless steel comb specifically designed for the mechanical removal of nits (eggs) and lice from all types of hair.Delicate, it does not scratch the scalp thanks to its rounded tips.Reusable and easy to clean, it can be disinfected with 70% vol. Alcohol. and reused several times.

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  • Chefaro Pharma
    PARANIX no lice comb

    Metal comb for the removal of lice and nits It allows you to eliminate lice and nits without damaging your hair.It can be used on all types of hair: short, long, curly, ...

    9,90 €  
  • DR. BRUX
    RILAX Bite Diurnal

    RILAX® BITE DIURNOThe bite that helps to alleviate the physical tensions caused by daytime bruxism. Rilax® is aimed at all those who during the day due to stress, worry, hyperactivity and anxiety involuntarily tighten their teeth (diurnal bruxism) with consequent strain on the muscles of the face.

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