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  • Caudalie
    CAUDALIE Cleansing Micellar Water

    FOR A CLEANING ALL IN ONEA true beauty ritual, this micellar water cleanses and removes in a single gesture, every day, the face and the eyes, even the most sensitive ones. Without soap, its physiological pH formula, with 98% of ingredients of natural origin, respects the natural balance of the skin.

    15,10 €  
  • Caudalie
    CAUDALIE Delicate Make-up Milk

    FOR A PLEASANT NURSING SKINWith a single gesture, this delicate milk cleanses and removes face and eyes. Enriched with nourishing and soothing agents, it leaves the skin clean and pleasantly soft. For face and eyes It cleanses and strucca in a single gesture It nourishes and soothes Non-comedogenic

    15,50 €  
  • Caudalie
    CAUDALIE Removing Makeup Oil

    TO REMOVE EVERY MAKE-UP RESIDUALThis 100% natural nutritious cocktail of plant oils removes all types of makeup, including waterproof ones. It cleanses and removes impurities without greasing. For those looking for a quick but effective cleansing, without cotton.

    16,80 €  
  • Caudalie
    CAUDALIE Detergent Foam

    A DELICATLY PURIFIED SKINThis crystalline lotion turns into a soft and light mousse for a gentle cleansing. Without soap and with an ultra-delicate 98% natural cleansing base, it respects the balance of the skin that regains comfort and brightness. Deterged and free from impurities, the skin is fresh, soft and luminous.

    15,50 €  

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